Living in Dublin, this seems like a really good idea when we have loads of bags to carry or even need to use our mobile phones! Although it’s difficult enough playing umbrella wars down the sidewalk, if you really need an umbrella, that’s the one!

Although it’s difficult enough playing umbrella wars down the sidewalk, if you really need an umbrella ina  busy and wet day, that’s the one for you! By Yanko design



Class 5 Notes 2 | Personas in the UX aspects

Personas in the UX aspect helps the designer to find out what the User need and want in order to create a product. It focuses on the expectation of the user groups.
The outcome of  creating a persona is to see what feature and functionality they would like to have.

Develop a persona for a social travel app:
User would be able to Find, Book, Rate, Share



The user is a wealthy wedding couple Who wants to find the best location for their honeymoon and book accommodation and flights
Name: Franco & Maria Age: 35 & 33
Their needs: To find the right place, to find and book the best flight options from the UK, to find and book an accommodation
Their priorities: quality and comfort


User Flow through our app:

  1. Login
  2. Search “exotic honeymoon locations”
  3. Peek 3places for inspiration and comparison
  4. Read the reviews for different resorts
  5. Select Sri Lanka best resort
  6. Make prior reservation
  7. Search for flights options from the UK
  8. Select dates,
  9. Select first class
  10. Book the flights
  11. Pay by Credit Card
  12. Finish booking the resort – pay by credit card
  13. Receive a greeting message from the App
  14. Rate the App
  15. Share on Social Media: They are heading to a luxury resort in Sri Lanka


Class 5 Notes 1- Nintendo Switch

Discussion on games after watching this video:

Topics that came up in the conversation:

Secondary system?  Target user?

Sony with PlayStation and Microsoft with Xbox are direct competitors? (No, because hardcore gamers would buy their products anyway.)

The primary user of the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is all about Social Gaming!


Class 4 Notes| UX Observation

13/10/16 Class 4

UX Observation exercise: Describe what the user are doing whilst booking a flight and doing a Restaurant reservation.
I booked a flight with Emirates from Dublin to Adelaide/Australia – Frank observed.
Very easy navigation on the website, good interface, the steps and the process went really quick and easy.
All the information I needed.
Didn’t really had any problems apart from the 2 pop ups in during the booking process.


time to  PAY =/  I wish I was really going to Australia.


I observed Frank doing a restaurant reservation.

file_002-1 file_003file_004

Name: Frank Condon
Date: 13/oct/2016
Scenario: Booking a Dinner

– Googled “Thai restaurants near me”;
– In the search results, went to trip advisor;
– Clicked on the 1st option on trip advisor website;
– Choose city center as preferred location;
– Opened the photos on the trip advisor website;
– Didn’t read any reviews;
– Went to google again in order to find the restaurant website, (the trip advisor website doesn’t highlight the restaurant website and he could not see the link in the interface easily);
– Website: Red Torch Ginger ;
– Easy booking with calendar, time, prices;
– His only concern was that during the registration process, the option to receive the restaurant newsletter by email is already selected. He would have to uncheck the option if he does not wish to receive the emails.

Class 2 Notes | Talking about Technology

Talking about technology, how people interact with it, how their experience changes the designer over time.
Ex:  From the experience with Ipod people got very interested in the iMacs.

Which industries has changed in the last 10 years?

Thinking about tech what comes before google, apple, Microsoft…?

Exercise: In the last 10 years the biggest disrupters in different industries:

  • Advertising – Mkt point of view- advertising has completely changed
  • Responsive Design- 10years ago with the smartphone, we discovered the responsive design
  • Smartphones
  • Consuming content online
  • Banking
  • Internet speed, clouds
  • Travel industry
  • Education industry: online education, webinar
  • Mobile phones – smartphone
  • Online shopping
  • Photography – travel photography
  • Social networking
  • Search and research
  • “Offline” life – wifi, communication.
  • 3d printing

The future 10 years the biggest disrupters in different industries:

  • Space Travel
  • Sharing Economy
  • Car – self-driving car
  • Drone delivery, drone agriculture
  • The Internet in the airplanes
  • Healthcare will be based on data (watch keeping Ireland alive)
  • Cure for AIDS
  • VR : What’s going to be the breakthrough application for VR?

-VR in gaming, communication

-VR in education: Bring everybody in the room… interactions.

UX for Airplanes companies:

  • Transit anxiety
  • Arrival anxiety

How can an airline business create a better user experience?

  • Kids entertainment,
  • Unlimited Luggage weight (there are suitcases that have internal weigh scales)
  • Travel times –  activities during the travel time,
  • Personalized Destination guide – all based on the traveler data (google already released google trips)

UX exercise | Bad UX – Ryanair Flight Check-in online


Ryanair’s new interface is really good and easy to book a flight.

BUT, when it comes to doing the check in online prior to your flight date… is another story.

There are 3 steps in order to make your check-in after logging in their app: Add ID document > Check in extras > Get Boarding Pass.

The problem is on the “extras” step.   You won’t get your Boarding Pass if you don’t select any extras because the page just won’t go through.

In this case, Ryanair wanted me to select the “fast tracking” or an “allocated seat”extra option. If I don’t select any extra service, the page would not go trough. Had to try so many times as I was not really willing to get any extra services, only my Boarding Pass!

It is so frustrating and annoying having to avoid being upsold on services that we don’t need!

screenshot-2016-10-13-13-10-44 screenshot-2016-10-13-13-10-50

Class 1 Notes

The very first class!

Nice to meet you, Robert!

In the first class, we had an introduction and discussed on UX experiences: Putting ourselves in the customer shoes.

How would I design a mobile for blind people? How would I design a mobile for kids?

On this exercise, I designed a remote control for kids and elderly people.


Some ideas in the class that came up in the discussion for kids: rounded shaped, rubbed, touch pad, pictures in the buttons, colorful, action buttons.

Some ideas in the class that came up in the discussion for elderly: very simple and big buttons, green for on, red for off, voice recognition control…

User center thinking is the key start!


Then we talked about different types of designers like Web designers, Graphic designers, Visual designers, User interface designers, User experience designers, etc.

Some thoughts on the future design in the TV x Human interactions:


I know! I’m really good at drawing!